Battery Park City: Quasi-Suburban

Battery Park City, the 92-acre planned community developed since 1980 on landfill along the west side of Lower Manhattan, is for many New Yorkers akin to a new guest bedroom added to the side of a beloved old house. It’s sleeker and more functional than the main residence, but it lacks the character and inspired disorder of the creaky old place, and you never set foot in there without a very specific reason.

For those who have chosen to live in Battery Park City, that reason is quality of life.

“We moved across the West Side Highway to the suburbs,” said Steve Yacker, a fashion retail executive, who in 2011 made the leap one block west with his family from a Chambers Street high-rise in TriBeCa. “It really is Smalltown, U.S.A., over here; all the parents know all the kids.”